Our Team. PH 517-939-9133. EMAIL: info@mirrorlakemi.org

The purpose of the Mirror Lake Association (MLA) shall be to do all things necessary to promote, develop and improve the health, safety and welfare of the property owners of the Mirror Lake Development.

The Mirror Lake Board is a group of volunteers that are lake members in good standing. They work for the membership to handle the business of administering the bylaws of the organization and executing the management of the lake, community property and the expense that goes with it. These unsung heroes are your neighbors and friends in this special place we call the Mirror lake Community. 


Melodie Dregansky

Ph: 517 939-9113

Treasurer (interim)

Jim Pritula

Vice President

Kevin Koelsch


Kate Fenby

Board Director

Joel Smiley


Bob Kellogg


Heith Dunn

Website Administrator

Kevin Koelsch

Board Director

Anne Taylor


Carolyn Dossey

Board Director

Gloria Andrews

  • Bob Kellogg

  • Joel Smiley

  • Bob Kvicala

  • Ted Janiuk

  • David Fraher

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