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Help Wanted

  • I need my lawn mowed. (EXAMPLE)

  • My Basement flooded. I need volunteers to remove damaged furniture and help with clean up.

Help Wanted Listing

  • Only MLA members in good standing can request a help wanted post. Send requests for help wanted listings to Include name, address and work needed. 

  • There is no cost for a help wanted listing.

  • Help wanted listings will have a button (as shown) to click.  Handymen interested in the work will click this button. The button will link to the listers email.

  • NOTE: this button links directly to the posting persons email. Anyone will be able to send you an email. For your protection, don't respond to unfamiliar or shady email contacts. The Handyman responding should include their name, phone, and address in the response email. If you are unfamiliar with the responder, contact and request a cross reference of the person to the member list and/or approved vendor list. 

  • To remove your posting send email to Identify yourself and reference the posting you'd like to remove.

  • MLA is not responsible for anything beyond posting the help wanted listing.

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