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The Mirror Lake Marketplace is a place for members to work together to buy and sell items and services through your trusted neighbors. Members in good standing have the opportunity to:

  • ADVERTISE - Advertise a business on this website.

  • FOR SALE - Post listings and pictures of items for sale.

  • HELP WANTED - Post help wanted items like painting, yard work, handyman jobs etcetera.

The idea is to connect the needs of membership with other members that are interested or willing to help.

Disclaimer: The Mirror Lake Association is simply a publishing entity of the marketplace pages and cannot be held responsible or liable for the nature and quality of products and/or services solicited or procured through this website. The MLA board will do its very best to only deal with reputable members in good standing but cannot guarantee the quality of work, service or products sold here. Members using this area do so at their own risk!

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