The MLA Board realizes that security is key to your peace of mind. Mirror Lake is a private community that prides itself on offering a safe and healthy environment for the membership and guests to enjoy. As the Security Director, my mission is to support the MLA rules and address issues of security concern. Managing authorized use of the boat launch and routine observation of the parks are the primary scope of the job.


The Security job is not to replace official law enforcement but act as liaison for the membership to utilize regarding security concerns such as vandalism, inappropriate activities and other rules violations.

Vehicles parked in parking areas at Park "A" & Park "C" are to demonstrate a membership card on the dashboard while visiting these member areas to assure non member use is prohibited. Also, all boats must display an official MLA boat sticker to be present on the lake.


If you are visiting Mirror Lake through a rental property, be sure to adhere to the membership rules and guidelines during your stay with us. These guidelines are in place to assure a peaceful and pleasant experience is available for all.

To learn more bout the Lake Rules, click here

To contact security, use the red button at the left.


Heith Dunn