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Walking Path Update: May 23, 2023


As you may be aware, there has been an ongoing dispute regarding the right of Association members to use the easement from East Shore Drive to Park D. The owner of Lot 321 has asserted that this easement is not intended to allow association members access to Park D but is intended for use only by the owners of lot 318-321.  Legal counsel for the Association has advised the Board of Directors that the language and illustrations of the Mirror Lake No. 2 plat illustrate an intent to provide access to Park D via the use of this easement.  The Association and its members, therefore, have a right to use the easement to access Park D.  We ask that you be respectful of the privacy and personal belongings of the owners of lots 318-321 when using this easement and that you access Park D as quickly and quietly as possible.  Members who feel threatened or harassed by the owners of lots 318-321 while using the easement should report any incidents to the Board of Directors and file a police report. 

Walking Path Update: April 26, 2023


The right of all members to use the pathway to Park D from Eastshore Drive has been challenged by a lot owner.  The Board of Directors is reviewing the legal rights involving this pathway.  It has been alleged that the use of this pathway without permission of the lot owners will be treated as trespass.  Members should avoid using this pathway until further notice from the Board.

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