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Lake Courtesy

  1. Please traverse the lake in a counterclockwise direction. 

  2. NO WAKE in any of the channels at any time. 

  3. No high-speed boating before 11 am or after 7:30 pm (see below). 

  4. When towing people (water skis, tubes, etc.) you must have a person, in addition to the operator, observing the towed person(s) at all times. Remember to wear your life jacket!  

  5. Maintain a safe speed and distance of 100 feet from other boats 

  6. Do not jump the wake unnecessarily close to another vessel. 

  7. Do not weave your boat through congested areas. 

  8. After dark, be on the lookout for the lights of other vessels. For smaller crafts, be sure to carry a flashlight to let other boats know you’re there!  


Following these rules lets your boating neighbors know what to expect and keeps us safe on the lake. So, let’s have some fun for everyone!  


Boating Restrictions

  1. Only Mirror Lake Association Members in good standing with the MLA decal in place may launch boats that they own.

  2. No guest boats are allowed. 

  3. No overnight boat mooring at any park, including the boat launch. 

  4. “High Speed” Boating hours are from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm. “No high-speed boating” is interpreted to mean “no wake”. 

  5. Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) Ban - The use of personal watercraft (Jet Ski) is prohibited in the waters of Mirror Lake.  

  6. Wake Boat Ban - The use of wake boats on Mirror Lake is prohibited in the waters of Mirror Lake. “DNR definition of Wake Boat- Wake boats are generally shaped with special hulls and propellers beneath the boat, rather than behind, “and” a stern weighted with ballast tanks. Traditional inboard boats without mechanical added equipment for the purpose of Wake Boating are excluded from this rule. “ (updated: 12/12/2023)


Boat Launch Code

Each boat-owning MLA member in good standing will be issued a boat launch code. The code will only be issued to MLA members who can show proof of boat ownership. A new boat launch code will be provided each spring when your membership dues are paid. 


MLA Boat Stickers

Each Mirror Lake Association Member in good standing who produces proof of boat ownership will be issued an MLA boat sticker for each of their boats. The sticker should be affixed to the upper right side of the back of all watercrafts. Proof of Boat ownership is needed.  

Membership Card

An electronic membership card is issued to each MLA member in good standing upon payment of dues.  You must have a current card to use MLA facilities, including parks, beach, lake, and boat launch.


Park Rules

Parks may be used by MLA members in good standing only. All parks (including the boat launch) are closed between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.   


  1. No overnight boat mooring at any park, including the boat launch. 

  2. No motorized vehicles in parks. 

  3. All dogs in parks must be on a leash. 

  4. No dogs on the beach or in the swim area in Park A.

  5. No fishing in the swim area. 

  6. No swimming from MLA docks. 


Pavilion Reservation

The pavilion at Park A can be reserved by members in good standing. There is a charge of $35.00 for the use of the pavilion. The park and pavilion must be left clean and free of garbage for others to use. Click here for the reservation form and more details.  

Lot Maintenance

Owners of lots with dwellings erected on them (“occupied” property), whether the lots are combined or separate, and whether used seasonally or permanently, shall at all times keep and maintain their property in an orderly manner, ensuring that grass, weeds, and other growth is cut, and preventing the accumulation of rubbish and debris on the premises. The cutting of the grass, weeds, and other growth does not apply to unimproved, vacant lots, but does include improved adjacent lots of an occupied property.  


Mirror Lake ICE FISHING Rules (updated 12/22)

  1. Only Mirror Lake Association members and their invited guests may fish. 

  2. All member ice shanties must be marked with the owner’s name, address, and lot number. Guest ice shanties are prohibited.

  3. Mirror Lake Association will, upon request, issue an ice fishing permit flag. Email or call (517) 939-9113 to obtain a flag. One flag is issued per member household and cannot be loaned out at any time. Any member caught loaning out a flag will have ice-fishing privileges suspended for the season. Return the flag to MLA if you are not going to use it or if you sell your property. The flag must be clearly visible at all times while fishing. 

  4. Vehicles parked at Park A must have a valid membership card on file. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Short-term Rentals (updated 9/23)

  1. Owners engaging in short-term rentals or considering the possibility are reminded that short-term rentals are considered a commercial activity and therefore prohibited by the Declaration of Restrictions.

  2. Any lease under 6 months is considered short-term. Whether the allowance of 6 months or longer leases will be allowed is still under Board review.

  3. Rental of a room or a portion of the dwelling while the owner resides there is not a residential use and is prohibited like other short-term rentals.

  4. Liberty Twp. zoning ordinance does not permit boarding or rooming houses, two-family dwellings, or hotels in the district in which Mirror Lake is zoned.

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